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IFS Logistics Certificate 



The standard certificate IFS Logistic (or ILS - International Logistic Standard) is applied to our company's logistics and maritime and intermodal freight forwarders national and international, and therefore everything that concerns the outsourcing of transport logistics. 

Our main goal is to be able to monitor what is going on between the production and distribution. 

The IFS Logistic is applied to food and otherwise, and covers all aspects of transport, warehousing, distribution, loading / unloading, etc.. 


It applies to all types of logistics delivery by road, rail or ship;

transport refrigerated / frozen or without cooling. 



Our purposes of this standard are: 

• Establish a uniform standard and an evaluation system 

• Appoint auditors and certification bodies accredited and qualified 

• Make transparent and comparable way the whole production chain 

• Reduce costs for retailers and suppliers, including those of logistics services.

Certificate QS



The QS system (an acronym for "Qualität & Sicherheit", or Quality & Safety) is a certification system for quality assurance uniform, the field of crop or herd at the counter of the store. The agri-food QS certification system is made up of about a dozen rules of organization and control that results in a coordinated supply chain. I am interested in this certification areas of feed, meat (especially poultry and pork) and Markets. Each standard details the requirements to be fulfilled depending on the state of the industry in question (eg. Primary production, slaughtering, processing, marketing wholesale or retail). 

The goal of QS is to achieve a production of safe food to the consumer through the organization and control independently of the individual market.




In the verification procedure to the general principles determinants are: 


  • traceability; 

  • purchase only from certified suppliers (closed loop); 

  • documentation and controls during the production process; 

  • product safety; 

  • confidence of the consumer / user. 




The controls start at the level of feed production and marketing of food to arrive, and for each level of the supply chain there are specific standards. The correct application of the content of the standards is monitored separately for each partner of the system and, as a result of positive evidence, attested by the issue of a certificate. Only when all levels of production have been successfully produced may be marked with the QS.






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GMP+ Certificate 



GMP + is a certification scheme for production, transportation and marketing of animal feed. 


The GMP + requirements require the proper use of additives and products for veterinary medicine. 


In addition, require controlling the levels of undesirable substances and products such as heavy metals, pesticides and aflatoxin. 


Finally, you will be required to take adequate measures to prevent salmonella contamination of animals through feed. 



The main features of the regulations are GMP +: 

  • requirements relating to internal quality system of the company (based on ISO 9001) 

  • application of HACCP to ensure the safety 

  • measures and generic requirements for the production process, including the traceability and the withdrawal of produce 

     compliance with mandatory standards and voluntary 






The GMP + certification gives evidence and assurance that the animal feed and ingredients 

Feed comply with legal requirements and the agreements made with the other actors of 

filiera.Testimonia then the company's commitment to food safety, as the feed industry, including suppliers of ingredients, is an integral part of the supply chain food and is responsible for the safety of the products. 


The GMP + certification has many advantages: 

  • communicate customer confidence by demonstrating with a third party certification that feed or feed ingredients are produced with safe processes; 

  • demonstrate they have taken all reasonable precautions; 

  • reduce the number of inspections performed by customers and, therefore, reduce the time management; 

  • reduce waste and the product recalls.



Bertrans Srl

ISO 9001 Certificate 




ISO 9001 is a certificate that indicates the system of quality management and helps us in our business, to develop and improve performance. 

ISO 9001 certification enables you to demonstrate high levels of prestige of the service, in the bidding for contracts and indicates that the company follows internationally recognized principles of quality management.

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